The future king Manuel II of Portugal, when prince. 1890s,


Don’t act like you wouldn’t do the same


Knitting Inspiration: hoods. Like, fairy tale hoods. I read somewhere that “capes are in” this year and, while I don’t give a flying fuck about that sort of thing, it does mean that suddenly all these fetching hooded capelet/shawl things are sprouting like mushrooms. (Get it? Mushrooms? Fairy rings….fairy tales? You’re right, that was a bit of a stretch.)

I’m particularly drawn to ones that are heavily textured or almost insubstantial. There was a thing with hooded scarves a few years back that I never really committed to; having seen these more voluminous alternatives, I suddenly understand why I waited. Unlike hoodies, which are ubiquitously casual to the point where I refuse to wear them, and hooded scarves, which make me think of kids who can’t be trusted to not lose individual cold weather items and are thus given a combination mittens/hood/scarf thing, these are poised somewhere between little kid make-believe and massive sophistication. I also suspect that they won’t cause hat hair, although I might have to line them to prevent unfortunate bobby pin accidents.

Sources are, as always, in the captions.…

you know me so well, bless you

#all you’re doing is echoing anti-latin/southern european sentiment that started centuries ago //this said it all

and yet they think they’re so learned and advanced wow

apparently tan = poc ??????

They look white but their names don’t look white in the US, so they can’t be white! I cannot stand tumblr sjws, I really can’t.

We’re “poc” until the atlantic slave trade is mentioned, then it’s okay to be white.
I can’t even think of a sarcastic comment, because yeah basically that.

the fact that people believe Portuguese people are POC really makes me lose faith in all of you




ah yes i had nearly forgotten this fact

thanks for reminding me anon